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The site continues in the work shown in both hardcopy and net-based publications by the Czech Aviation Photographers Club. The first Internet-based bulletin by CAPC looked like this and the first site like this. The site became completely different beast after more than decade of its existence, measured both by visitor numbers and information value; however it is still prepared by enthusiasts for enthusiasts. The authors strive to prepare the most interesting aviation news and, when possible, reply to the queries from auditorium.

The site offers current aviation news, photographs and videos mainly from airline aviation, a vast structured gallery of photographs and many more features. Specialised section deals with L410 Turbolet, a legend airplane produced in our country.

Tips for visitors
- A photograph larger than 1024 px is marked by orange frame and you can click to show it in its full size and click again to return.
- The Search box on the left side allows searching in articles, news, and movements, respectively.

Chat, forum, and comments
Aviation enthusiasts of all kinds can be found in chat all the time. Chat allows continuation of the infinite conversations held around the fence and at other venues. Please take the people as living creatures. Even them might experience times when they do not like to answer your questions;).
Please consider netiquette.
The most frequent misunderstandings:

- Even the most medially misused celebrity planes are ruled by physics. The runways for their landings and take-offs are given by the wind direction and strength and are known no sooner than shortly before landing.
- Any questions about plane type or registration are better asked no sooner than 1-2 days before departure. Nobody knows sure before. If you do not get an answer, be sure that there is nobody in the know here at the moment. Your chances to get an answer grow if you do not ask too often ;).

The team reserves the right to remove abusive and inadequate posts of any kind without giving reason. Thank you for understanding.

The rules for publication of photographs at

Why are we showing our photographs
The strives to keep the server varied. You can find spotter photographs, news photographs and interesting photographs of any kind. All kinds of photographs are marked and you can view them separately or over all categories. 25-30 new photographs are published daily.

Rules for the photographs
The site accepts JPG photographs with resolution 1024 to 1400 pixels and with an aspect ratio of 2:3 to 3:4 (1024x683 - 1024x768 to 1400x934 - 1400x1050 pixels). The size is limited by roughly 500 K and every photographer can upload up to 10 pictures a week. Registered users can offer their photographs by uploading it through the user interface after logging in.

Most photographs do not need to use the maximum size of file, some more complicated themes can be helped by it though.

Sending the photograph
Make a decision whether you want to send the photograph as gallery one or photo news item. Both are welcome, the processing varies.

Make a decision whether you want to add an information strip or a watermark (the photograph is the saved and compressed again) and enter the location of the photograph on your HDD (similarly to attaching a file to an e-mail). The software uploads the photograph, creates a thumbnail, and shows a page where you add the data and a possible message to the screeners.

Gallery photographs are put on a list after upload. Then they are randomly assigned to screeners who check the photograph and data and accept or reject it.

The screeners may exceptionally ask you for original and suggest editing by them (in case the object is very interesting). The accepted pictures are added to gallery. You can see the status of your photographs after logging in. The rejected photographs are deleted after 14 days.

Photo news. Photo news are screened faster and in a more simple way; however, if you send a CSA B737 form Prague as a photo news, it can rarely be considered as such and will be deleted most of the time. The news screener never edits any photographs, only accepts or rejects it. The photo news of last day are alternating in the right column of the title page. Last added news are shown after clicking on the photo news on the title.

Editor's photographs are not screened. The team adds some photographs missing the best quality or art ambitions at times, which stand out by interesting or innovative views and complement the range of published photographs.

We believe that all three types of photographs can find their place on our server.

Video gallery
A test operation of video gallery has been launched in late 2010. The video editors will be adding existing videos at the moment. If you think that you can offer exceptional clip, feel free to upload it e.g. to YouTube and send the data (video link, 200 px screenshot, date taken, registration, type, company, place - if you know it, and a brief description/comment) to The video screeners may add the best videos to the database. The video links are only placed to with the author's consent. To successfully view all the videos from our sources, you need to install Silverlight add-on. Installation will be offered to you after clicking on the first video from your computer, some installation screenshots are here.

The copyright stays with the photograph or video author. By sending a photograph or video, the author confirms his/her authorship and agrees to unlimited publishing in the gallery free of charge. Any other subject can only publish the work after getting consent of the author. suffix will be printed next to the author's name where possible. There are no financial demands for publishing the photographs. However, if you feel that the publishing has helped you, you can support us.

Some Internet-based media want to show on-topic photographs as soon as possible. However, the author cannot always be reached instantly. By checking the Media box, you agree to publishing your photographs immediately by the media. The Medium agrees to use the work together with the author's name and place, where it has found it, immediately contact the author and agree on compensation with you within 30 days.


Signing up
Signing up is necessary for sending photographs, monitoring their status, commenting other's photos in the gallery and chat without repeated name entry. Signing up is very easy, you just need to enter your login and password, e-mail and names for gallery and chat. The sign-up and login fields are at the bottom of the left column. Multiple logins by a single person are not allowed. The administrator can also delete logins linking to other websites or any other subject than the photographer.
Caution – the login (photographs, chat) is still technically different from the discussion forum login ( If you want to send photographs, you need to login at the main page (bottom left).

Your posts
The authors are fully responsible for all their posts sent to This includes photographs, videos, chat and forum posts, comments for articles, photographs and videos, personal ads and any other posts. This server is based on spontaneity and there is no right for acceptance of any post nor for deleting of any accepted post. Any posts deemed inadequate can be deleted without notice, whether it they are deemed as such from racial, opinion, religious, political, or any other intolerance reasons or e.g. in relation to any other steps of the author on this web or otherwise. We believe that we will be forced to use this right as little as possible.

Exclusive advertisements on the main page are offered (besides private, non-commercial ads at a special page). Please contact the team when interested.

Privacy statement
This server accepts the legislation rules for privacy. The registered users give us, by the act of signing up, the consent to publish their data filled-in in their profile with their photographs and other posts. If the consent is withdrawn, the administrator removes the data from the profile in reasonable time.

Copying prohibited
All information published on this server is reserved for personal use. Any re-publishing of any published materials or their parts, including but not limited to by e-mail, mobile phones, publishing in frames, or saving to databases is prohibited without prior written consent. The copyright for photographs and videos is described above in detail.
Copyright © and content authors

Enjoy good light and good flying
the team
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