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mate nekdo zkusenosti s timhle: http://www.flightgear.org/

Je to open-source tudiz free. Ani to neni moc velky cca 135 Mb

Dostalo se ke me ze model to ma daleko realnejsi nez MS FS, ale tak grafika je trosku odflaknutejsi, ale nic hroznyho
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Příspěvekod David.M » 5. 12. 2007, 21:28

Mě to například vůbec nefungovalo..Kousalo se to ,odhaduju tak 0.5 fps,ale že by to bylo HW nehrozí.Každopádně za zkoušku nic nedáš..
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Příspěvekod ldrikk » 25. 12. 2007, 12:27

Pekny navod pro zacatecniky se zda byt zde - tez je zde mozno videt screenshoty:


Syn dostal k Vanocum PC, a zatim to zkousime...

Je tam i Mrija :-)


Jinak tento FS je k mani pod Linux, Windows, atd atd....
(na Linuxu - Fedora 8 - to slo nainstalovat fakt jednoduse - pomoci
Kód: Vybrat vše
yum -y install FlightGear


To ze to nekomu bezi pomalu bude nejspise jen spatnym OpenGL nastavenim.... I na "velmi beznem HW" to pobezi OK...

nejake info - popis:

You may already have some experience using Microsoft’s © Flight Simulator or any other of the commercially available PC flight simulators. As the price tag of those is usually within the $50 range, buying one of them should not be a serious problem given that running any serious PC flight simulator requires PC hardware within the $1500 range, despite dropping prices.

With so many commercially available flight simulators, why would we spend thousands of hours of programming and design work to build a free flight simulator? Well, there are many reasons, but here are the major ones:

* All of the commercial simulators have a serious drawback: they are made by a small group of developers defining their properties according to what is important to them and providing limited interfaces to end users. Anyone who has ever tried to contact a commercial developer would agree that getting your voice heard in that environment is a major challenge. In contrast, FlightGear is designed by the people and for the people with everything out in the open.
* Commercial simulators are usually a compromise of features and usability. Most commercial developers want to be able to serve a broad segment of the population, including serious pilots, beginners, and even casual gamers. In reality the result is always a compromise due to deadlines and funding. As FlightGear is free and open, there is no need for such a compromise. We have no publisher breathing down our necks, and we’re all volunteers that make our own deadlines. We are also at liberty to support markets that no commercial developer would consider viable, like the scientific research community.
* Due to their closed-source nature, commercial simulators keep developers with excellent ideas and skills from contributing to the products. With FlightGear, developers of all skill levels and ideas have the potential to make a huge impact on the project. Contributing to a project as large and complex as FlightGear is very rewarding and provides the developers with a great deal of pride in knowing that we are shaping the future of a great simulator.
* Beyond everything else, it’s just plain fun! I suppose you could compare us to real pilots that build kit-planes or scratch-builts. Sure, we can go out a buy a pre-built aircraft, but there’s just something special about building one yourself.
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